Freshman Seminar: Writing Ecology

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When Gonzalez first comes back to the U.S. Southwest and sees how much things have changed he becomes nostalgic. He looks at the new housing developments, the bars on house windows, and the decreasing desert and decides to put together this book to capture the picture of his childhood. He refers to his first twenty-seven years in El Paso as a time of wonder and mystery. I believe he misses his childhood and the close relationship he had to the land, but does not feel a sense of belonging there anymore.

Although Gonzalez has fond memories of his childhood, his memories still haunt his dreams. He has the fear of rattle snakes. Then there is also the lizard with the third eye. When Gonzalez writes of how he killed lizards I was not sure what to think. It was kind of disgusting and inhumane but then again I am not a boy in the desert. I definitely can’t imagine killing lizards like they are insects. I find it really interesting that after he killed the lizard with the third eye he didn’t see any lizards any more.

You can tell that he doesn’t feel a sense of belonging anymore because everything has changed. The adobe house he lived in during college was torn down and hardly anything from his childhood remains. His main themes in the book are fear as indicated in his writing of snakes and the lizard with the third eye. I also see a kind of mystical theme because of they way he described the lizard watching him and his dreams. Also the adobe house with the ghosts definitely has a mystical sense about it.

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