Freshman Seminar: Writing Ecology

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Imagine a world where you wake and sleep with the sun, where telephones and televisions haven’t been invented, and people struggle to farm their own food to survive. This world may sound like a nightmare, but it was the reality of the 19th century. In this world people didn’t waste their food, they didn’t have gasoline to contaminate the water, and they had not expanded and utilized the earth as we have today. Yet one man living during this time period foresaw where the non-human world would end up if left in mans hands. Walt Whitman is a man who knew of the beauty of the world; and even with all of today’s advances, his ideas are still relevant. Yet Whitman didn’t live in the wonderful smoggy dirty place Cherrie Moraga calls home. Perhaps Whitman’s polar opposite in upbringing, views, and writing style, Cherrie Moraga brings a different outlook of the environment to the table.

For the rest of my paper I will focus on the differeces between Whitmans and Moraga’s background. I will mainly focus on the similarities in their writing however, saying that despite their different backgrounds, and the fact that they lived during different time periods they are still very similar in their thought process.

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