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My Sense of Place

Filed under: Uncategorized April 21, 2008 @ 5:10 pm

The playground at Silver Ridge Elementary school had become boring for my fifth grade friends so during recess they took me past the purple slide and swing set, past the soccer field and into an overgrown grassland. The grassland went on for what felt like a mile and when you got to the other side, where the grasses met the border of the woods, was a boulder. It was at least three times as tall as me and could fit five of us girls comfortably side by side. I was so nervous about climbing that rock. It started out as a step above my ankles and then sloped up to the sky. I pressed myself onto the hard cold surface clawing at every uneven edge. Not to be out done by my friends I climbed, sweaty palmed, to the very tip and sat heart beating rapidly on the precarious slide. I looked out at the field, mystery looming in the tangle of grass, danger in every shadow, inviting earth and loving dandelions blooming proudly everywhere you looked. Looming over me behind the forest were breathtaking snowcapped mountains, humbling the mere pebble I sat upon. My favorite part though was the city in the sky. Right over my school, on a beautiful cloudless day, the fabulous city of Seattle could be seen in the distance. Many a times I sat and made up stories about the castle in the sky and pretended I was a princess there. Whenever I felt particularly daring and sneaky or mischievous and thoughtful I went to that boulder in between forest and field and there I would sit for hours. In the land of make believe and possibilities, I lost myself.

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