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Poem – Looking Back

Filed under: Uncategorized April 7, 2008 @ 10:01 am


From outer space

Through the smog

Our world sits

In all its glory

The color of a bomb


This is a world

With a black sea

And a sky turned gray.

Where the sun has been reduced

To a feeble lamps glow.


This is a world

Where Crayola colors

Sky blue

Sea green

And carnation pink

Are a wisp of a memory

Of a time long ago.


This is a world

Where lush turf grass,

Odorless silk flowers,

And the pine scent

From car fresheners

Delight our senses


This is a world

Where no more pesky birds

Wake us up with there incessant twittering.

Where no more creepy bugs

Invade our air-conditioned homes.


Our lungs covered in debris

Hooked up to machines just to breathe

We knew our world wouldn’t last

And only now we stop to ask

Wait. Why didn’t we do something?

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